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Release, Reset, Refresh!

Doula Sister Circle

  • GROWTH: Family Resource Center

About Me

Everyone in Birthwork knows that while it is extremely rewarding and empowering, it can also be taxing on your physical, emotional, and mental health, because our focus on quality care for our families require that we give them our all and provide them with the treatment we expect and require for ourselves. The work we do is very important, so we don't want to see you burnout! Our Center is not just for our families in need... We also want to offer support to our local doulas as well; a safe space to debrief, gain insight and perception, to be heard and acknowledged, to air your frustrations, to share your experiences, to shed your tears, to reflect on the most beautiful moments, to ground yourself, to feel supported in prioritizing your self-care, and share space and a meal with your doula sisters! No topic is off limits and all doulas are welcomed! We support every effort to continue building and connecting this growing community, and we hope you will join us!

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